How it works

Minimum requirements

In order to consider your application, we need the following to be in place:

  • Your SME (the Borrower) to be a registered SA Company.
  • Borrower to have a minimum turnover of R1mio per annum.
  • Borrower to have a minimum track record of 12 months.
  • Borrower to demonstrate an ability to repay i.e. positive cash flow or
    profitability needs to be evidenced via verified bank statements.

Get cash within 3-days

Click on APPLY NOW
  • Provide the answers to the basic questions in the form and submit it online.
  • An agent will be allocated to your request on the day your form is submitted.
An agent will contact you
  • Provided you meet our minimum requirements, your dedicated agent will contact you to proceed with “verification checks” and “credit assessment”.
  • You will be asked additional questions and be required to provide us with certain documents.
  • Your dedicated agent may request for example: bank statements, annual financial statements, management accounts, ownership structure, copy of directors ID’s, utility bills, proof of address, lease agreement, debtors/landlord/suppliers latest statements, invoices, purchase orders, CIPC and any other documents appropriate to your SME loan application.
  • Within 2 business days of all the required documents being submitted to us for processing, we will provide you with our “YES” or “NO” decision.
  • We will never ask for any upfront fees.
If approved, get your cash
  • If approved, you’ll receive a quotation that will show you all the applicable costs and repayment term options.
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • Within 1 business day of accepting our offer, we will make arrangements with you for the signing of our legal documents.
  • The funds are made available to you as soon as the legal documents are validly executed.